Hello and welcome to my new website

I'm an experienced financial journalist, having worked for outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and the BBC. I have also worked as senior international economist for a consultancy, am a qualified technical analyst and have co-authored a book on the bond markets.

I have worked too as managing editor of a series of titles on intellectual property.

My LinkedIn profile is here.

Some of my financial writing for The Wall Street Journal is here.

And some of my financial videos are here. I have been interviewed regularly by Fox Business Network in the US and by RTE Radio in Dublin.

On the intellectual property side, a recent interview of mine is here.

And a report on a "roundtable" I chaired is here.

Much of my recent work has been online and has included designing electronic newsletters to boost traffic to company websites. I'm also an expert at producing content for financial services professionals and at writing about finance, economics and markets in a way that is accessible to non-experts.

That all aside, I live in Highgate in North London with wife Anne and Labrador Retriever Sebastian. I study and teach Buddhist meditation at Heruka KMC, support ArsenalSaracens and Lewis Hamilton, go to the opera and have a certificate in human evolution from the University of Wisconsin-Madison